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With the accelerating globalization and increasing competition around the world, it will be difficult operate for the local businesses. Especially in Japan, the social problems such as the aging population and decreasing labor force. Japanese companies will struggle to proceed business locally with decreasing and fluctuating economy in Japan. Therefore, the Japanese companies must bring that intellectual property and technology to global market to keep the business alive. Our job is to provide support with a surprising yet theoretical marketing strategy to the firm to spread awareness around the world.


Marketing Solution

We promise to hear from our clients carefully to provide our customers with thoroughly developed strategy, after conducting marketing analysis and research.

Service Contents

  • Promotion Management
  • Branding Strategy
  • Marketing Proposal
  • Sales Development
  • Business Model Building
  • Customer Relations Building
  • Customer Satisfaction

Overseas Project Support

Upon a global entry, we will help with preliminary research, plan a strategy for entry, and introduce and connects our clients with existing business partners. We also support global company entering into Japanese business market as well.

Service Contents

  • Global Market Research(Industry Research・Reviews・Rating・Competition)
  • Global Entry Strategy
  • Global Promotion Strategy
  • Global Partner Introduction
  • Global Investment / Global Investment Support
  • Global Project Management
  • Global Event Support

Promotion Support

We will create necessary tools for promotions. Such as logo creation, designing business cards, graphic designing for a website, media production, and more.

Service Contents

  • Website Development
  • Graphic Design (Logo, Business Card, and Catalogue)
  • Promotion Video
  • Application Development
  • User Experience/ Interface Improvement

Event/Seminar Project Management

Event planning to integration, we will support our clients with the whole process. Using our vast connection, we will cast, develop Hackathon idea, share the workshop know-hows and provide customers with various strategies.

Service Contents

  • Event Planning / Operation Support
  • Appoint Entrepreneurs / Professional
  • Design Thinking Workshop


Supporting Firms from Beggining to the End!

  • Hearing from Clients
  • Set Conditions
  • Idealization
  • Prototype Tests
  • Business Model Development
  • Marketing Strategy

Event planning to integration, we will support our clients with the whole process. Using our vast connection, we will cast, develop Hackathon idea, share the workshop know-hows and provide customers with various strategies.Every business has different problems. We, P.I.W, want to help globalize the firm’s innovation. Through the process, technology, and design we will provide different values to our clients from a different point of view.

We start our process from hearing sessions with our customers, and then we get into specific details. What do the client want and need: market research, brand localization, promotion strategy, or other solutions.

We will also support firms globally, as we assist overseas. Support includes attending meetings and help throughout the process.
So, please contact us! Let us help.


Hirotaka Sano


Monish Ansari

Business Analyst

Motoki Saika

Creative Director


Hirotaka Sano
May 2016
Business Description
Marketing Solution company where we design innovation and creating digital contents Educating for the Human Resource, planning seminar and event operation.
Seiho Building 3rd Floor, 3-5-6 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 107-0061 Japan
Associated Firm
Hult Prize Japan
Position: National Director of Hult Prize Foundation
Established: May 2017
Address: Seiho Building 213, 3-5-6 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 107-0061 Japan



Hult Prize is the world's largest social entrepreneurial contest, sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), in efforts to promote social contribution activities.Hult Prize is increasing awareness through different media outlets. In 2016, 14 Hult Prize participants were named in the “Forbes Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs Changing the World”. The Hult Prize has been held in San Francisco, Boston, London, and Dubai. Finally, Japan is added on to the list. We are now expanding the activities of the Hult Prize in Japan to make the world better. Our mission is to increase the number of Social Entrepreneurs through Hult Prize. Together with the contestants, we want to help solve the social problems in Japan such as aging population and natural disasters.



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Marketing Strategy Planning for the Japanese Market.

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Supporting the Marketing Segment of the World’s First Robot Uniform Company

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