Rocket Road Corporations (Robo-Uni)

Supporting the Marketing Segment of the World’s First Robot Uniform Company

Service contents

・Telecommunication Robot Marketing Research
・Positioning and Targeting
・Marketing Promotion Strategy Development
・Business Negotiation

The person in Charge

Planner: Hirotaka Sano
Marketing Director: Miho Someya

P.I.W supported the whole branding of the firm including the, supporting the global entry into the US, and to help the sales of the product. P.I.W approached to the potential customers by analyzing the target market as researching the industry in the states.

Then, following the research result, we have created marketing and branding strategies as we enter the market.

As a first step of the entry, we supported the business negotiation with the robotics company in San Francisco as well.

As a Result: Integrating the marketing strategy which follows the local market demands, we were able to have a negotiation with the robotics firm in the Bay Area.